Lunch Prix Fixe $10.45

Mon. - Sat.: 11:00am - 3:30pm
Includes: Salad, Rice and 1 Spring Roll
Choice of: Veg. or Chicken or Beef or Shrimp
Hot & Spicy

Cashew Nut

Onion, bell pepper, celery, scallion, cashew nut & roasted chili pepper.

Sweet Basil

Bell peppers, onion, garlic chili and sweet Thai basil.

Ginger King

Tree ear mushroom, cherry tomato, onion, bell pepper, pineapple and scallion.

Pad Thai

Rice noodle, egg, bean curd, radish, chive, bean sprout and ground peanut.

Pad Se Ew

Broad flat noodles, egg and Chinese broccoli.

Drunken Noodle

Broad flat noodles, rice wine vinegar, onion, bell pepper, tomato, bamboo shoot and basil.

Drunken Udon

Bell Pepper, tomato, onions & basil.

Red Curry

Bell pepper, bamboo shoot, zucchini and basil.

Green Curry

Bell pepper, heart of palm, Thai aubergine and basil.

Massaman Curry

Onion, red potato, and roasted peanut.

Yellow Curry

Zucchini, long bean, bell pepper, basil and onion.

Simply Fried Rice

Egg, snow peas, cherry tomato, scallion and cilantro.

Basil Fried Rice

Onion, bell pepper, chili and basil.

Crispy Tilapia

Served with mixed vegetables and sweet chili sauce.

BBQ Chicken

Grilled chicken breast, mixed vegetables and sweet chili sauce.

Contact Info

Phone: (631) 368-2450


Address: 291 Clay Pitts Road, East Northport, NY 11731

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Sunday: 1:00PM - 9:00 PM